Home & School Association

What is Home and School?
The purpose of the Home and School Association is to nourish quality Catholic education and provide for the enrichment of each child. The Home and School committee sponsors special events throughout the school year for the students and their families. The committee also facilitates several fund raisers to finance the activities and provide miscellaneous school related purchases. The Home and School Association is always looking for more parent participation to share their ideas, time, and talents to enhance the student's learning experience.
Your Participation
We encourage the St. Anthony Parish School Community to attend the Home and School meetings, which are held in the school library.  These meetings give you an opportunity to become more familiar with Home and School events and activities, to meet other families, teachers, and staff, and to get involved.
The Home & School Association works to build a community connection between parents, teachers, staff, and the students of St Anthony Parish School. As a parent of a St. Anthony student, you are automatically a member of the Home and School Association.
The St. Anthony Parish School Home and School Association values your involvement and encourages your input. Please feel free to contact any of the officers with your ideas, questions or concerns.
President, Patricia Mueller
Vice President, Lisa Bitto
Treasurer, Sue LuMaye
Fundraising, Megan Gonzalez
Secretary  Dawn Camara
Membership Hours, Jennifer Mendoza
Soles for Education, Carol Buettner