Academic Excellence

St. Anthony Students Exceed in Academics


Supportive evidence that our school excels in all areas of academics is shown in the recent test results received.  The 3rd, 5th, and 7th grade students are given the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, (ITBS) annually in March.  The results are shared with the parents at our Annual Town Hall meeting in February. These tests are a series of assessments that provides information about student progress and the level of development of general and specific cognitive skills. Our children do extremely well on these tests as well. 

 The test provides our school community, parents, and teachers with valuable information about what students know and are able to do in core academic areas.  The results may be used to evaluate individual and group achievement compared to the nation, determine overall performance, and identify areas of strength and need in both curriculum and performance.

Please note: that no single test or indicator can tell us whether students have learned everything that is important for students to learn.

St. Anthony has more standards-based evidence of student learning that is illustrated through a variety of different types of assessments, for example: daily work, writing samples, portfolios, oral reports, speeches, demonstrations, projects, attendance, participation, effort, self-reflection activities, and rubrics to assess cooperative and individual activities.

The results of this test will be used when curriculum areas are evaluated.  The information will also be used in analyzing curriculum strengths and areas of need.  Each year a core curriculum area is evaluated.  The faculty uses the Iowa Basic Test results to see what we are doing well and what needs to be addressed.                                                                         

Our mission statement states that we believe that we are called to serve God as a family-oriented faith community.  We are called to seek out Christ as we help children to grow in knowledge, love, and appreciation of God and all God has created.  It is in this spirit that the teachers and I are dedicated to providing all we can to ensure the growth of your child spiritually, academically, socially, and emotionally.



Mrs. Anne Schramka,

                                                                                                                               St. Anthony School Principal