Membership Commitment

Volunteering your time and talent to our school is an essential part of the commitment each parent makes when sending their child to St. Anthony's.
Volunteering in the school, allows parents the ability to participate directly with their child and their teachers, and is a wonderful way to get to know your child's classmates, as well as the other children in the school.

As part of every family's pledge of support form and tuition fee schedule, parents promise to volunteer a minimum of one hour per week or 52 hours per year for various events in the school. Volunteers are needed for activities inside and outside of the classroom throughout the school year. At the beginning of every school year, a Membership Commitment Handbook is sent to every family detailing the various committees and functions that require volunteers.

Please email completed tracking forms to:

Electronic Tracking Form (MS Excel)

Printable Tracking Form (PDF)

Membership Commitment Form