St. Anthony Parish School Philosophy and Goals


We believe in providing a Catholic Christian environment in which God’s children, their families, the faculty and the parish community praying and working together can grow in knowledge, love, and service to God and themselves.


We believe in nurturing the whole child, his/her spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional development, guiding and preparing them to become responsible, well-adjusted members of society.


The following goals state the implementation of our philosophy:


1.      Providing a foundation in doctrine and principles of Catholic faith through regularly planned instruction from which the students can build a value system for a Christian way of living in a pluralistic society.

2.      Working towards developing an environment and atmosphere of Christian living, which will encourage all to know, love, and serve God and others.

3.      Cooperatively working to help meet students’ needs within the framework of our curriculum and the abilities/talents of our faculty and staff. Having students acquire knowledge and apply skills essential to progress within their ability levels. This will be accomplished with the assistance of planned instruction, textbooks, and other educational experiences.

4.      Providing for an atmosphere of mutual respect to encourage the acceptance of each other’s strengths and weaknesses so that the expression of one another’s feelings and ideas are in keeping with the message of the Good News.

5.      Providing opportunities for students to grow in fine and gross motor skills.

6.      Providing opportunities for students to grow and experience the affective domain through fine arts and cultural activities.