Here at St. Anthony Parish School we are dedicated to giving our students the knowledge and the resources they need to become the leaders of tomorrow. Because the world they will help lead is one of increasing technological sophistication, we devote a significant portion of our resources to prepare our students to use that technology as a life-long learning tool while also helping them understand the proper role of technology within a broader religious, moral, and social context.

On the other side of the desk, we are also dedicated to giving our teachers the knowledge and resources that they need to create those leaders of tomorrow. From the use of interactive computer systems in the classroom to the online communication channels for teachers and parents, we use technology to gain leverage from both time-honored and cutting-edge educational research.
Our commitment to technology has been very important at St. Anthony's since we put in our first small computer lab in 1985, and our commitment and resources have continued to grow every year—a tradition we intend to uphold.

The cornerstone of our technology resources is the dedicated, stand-alone computer lab containing 26 networked personal computers with high-speed internet access, the Microsoft Office suite of programs, and a variety of educational software such as KidPix and Type to Learn. The computer lab has a dedicated air conditioning system. The lab includes a color networked HP laser jet printer, a networked HP black/white laser printer, and an interactive SMART Board system.
The lab is used both as a resource by various classroom teachers and as the home of the computer classes offered to grades K4 through 8. The computer classes cover a wide range of topics including the use of different standard programs, computer hardware, the history of computing, and some basic work with logic and computer programming. With a curriculum built around a combination of skills practice and projects, one of the high points of the computer class is the creation of a fantasy business by students in the fourth quarter, complete with their own logos, ads, and performance graphs.

In addition to the computer lab, each of the Saint Anthony classrooms contains a networked pc and a SMARTboard.

Our newly renovated library has a networked pc and two dedicated laptops for integrating technology into the modern study of libraries and information management. We use Follett Destiny Library Manager software for our bar-coded circulation process and for student catalog searches. The library is also equipped with a mobile, large screen computer projector.

This growing school network is supported by a dedicated server room containing three Windows-2000 servers: a file server, a proxy server for internet access, and a library automation server.
All school systems are protected by constantly updated anti-virus software and are filtered by leading edge website control programs.

To optimize parent-teacher collaboration, each parent is provided with access to the internet based StandardsScore service which allows parents to view their children's assignments, their progress, and it enables e-mail messages between teachers and parents.

Technology in the school is managed by the classroom teacher with assistance from a parent/parishioner technology committee, including a number of highly qualified IT professionals.
In all of this, though, perhaps nothing tells you more about how good our technology program is, and the collaborative team of teachers and volunteers that make it work, than the fact that by the time you are reading this, the Saint Anthony tech program will already have grown or improved in some ways we haven’t listed!